Azura - Bandcamp Edition

This application can download and organize Bandcamp songs even if they’re put behind a financial barrier.!Hs42wZjI!heRKANydPFfPV4XZfPjBsg

Nice, might use this.

I use your youtube Azura all the time, you should totally make one for soundcloud

That’s the natural progression :wink:

Just like Zodiac mentioned I’ve also used your Azura on a daily basis since you released it, I even used your previous Youtube audio ripper with no complaints. I’m probably at well over 500 rips by now and counting. I will be sure to grab some stuff from bandcamp tonight, and hopefully from soundcloud if that happens. Great work man! My only complaint is my hard drive is filling up quicker than ever lol.

That’s awesome but unfortunately YouTube has changed some stuff so I need to fix the YouTube Edition.

I was using it yesterday and it was working fine, just got a few songs now and it seems to be working properly. I’ve never had any issues with it.

Edit. I just got the page structure error when trying to download, but I downloaded about 10 songs before it and they all downloaded properly.

2nd Edit. I tried downloading that same song again and it worked fine, downloaded a few more and they all completed without that error popping up.

You don’t ever get the error that says “410 Gone”?

Super update