Backwards compatibility for X1 xploit?

you think there can be an exploit to this? because the games just tie into your account. was thinking about how to exploit this with a modded xbox or something

It’s kinda already a thing…

what? u misunderstood me. i am talkn about using my 100s of pirated games to use on xbox one with the backwards compatibilty using some sort of exploit.

I mean you didn’t say anything about pirated before lol…

all the keywords are there

I honestly doubt this is going to do anything. Since the game can’t be played from the disc it isn’t going to expose any ISO mods and other than that the only thing they have done is emulated the 360 on the xbox one.

There is nothing in your original post that suggests to the games being pirated.

“modded xbox”

that’s his “hint”

Yeah… No…

thats whats making me ask the question, iyou can emulate practically everything nowadays.

can i emulate a girlfriend


Also i don’t think they’re will be any sort of exploit since it will only play original Xbox 360 Discs, but if they manage to flash the drive a lot of Iso mods will launch.

they said numerous times that it will be available digital and disc owned

What i mean is you can’t have ISO mods because you can only mod isos on your computer then burn them to a 8 GB disc or whatever and you can only play them on a flashed 360, same with XBONE its not like you’re gonna pop in a MW2 Disc with iso mods on it and it’ll work, it’ll only read the original disc.

yeah that makes sense. thanks

Actually, it wont take much data from the disk at all. Its just a place holder so they know you own the game, you will be required to install the games which will require an internet connection, and it will just download the game at that point. This is assuming they didnt actually implement true PPC to x86 emulation.

I think there is something good that can come of this, and that’s the Xbox 360 Emulator. Up until now, I have never seen or been able to find a good 360 Emulator but now Microsoft have released their own, it could mean that a third-party one maybe created to use on other platforms that support the running of Homebrew content. Of course, this may not come to full light yet until the Xbox One has been ‘broken’.

As I said earlier, I highly doubt its full emulation. Just repackaged for the x1.