Balkon's Weapons mod for the Xbox 360

would like to download the Balkon’s Weapons mod for the Xbox 360. I have gone downloaded horizon and oPryzel tools. I understand how to make the general modifications. However is there a way to download a specific modification like Balkon’s Weapons? Any help greatly appreciated.

What game is this for?

Minecraft for Xbox I think, as he mentions oPryzeLP’s Minecraft Modding tool.4

Correct Me if I’m Wrong.

I don’t think you can use PC mods. With PC mods, you inject the mod into the .jar file and have to edit the .json file as well. With xbox it’s just savegame.dat. It doesn’t work the same.

Yes, Minecraft and from the last comment it looks like it cannot be done. Appreciate the help!!

oPryze is working on a Xbox360 NBT Explorer so at some point weapon modifications like instakill or god mode Armour will be more doable and convenient.

I don’t think u can mod weapons the only think u can do is mod like what the weapon can do like the diamond sword can kill faster and stuff like that but u cant get like guns or anything on minecraft unless u make a mod your self sorry

thanks a lot for all the advice. saved me a lot of time trying to figure it out myself. thanks again!!!