Banned forever

Anyone else receive one of these lately?

Not that I know of…
Why does it say landr0id at the top O_O

My gamertag.

Pretty sure you just got profile banned. Make a new account and you should be fine… Probably cause you modded your gt lol

That’s the name of the banned account.

Yeah… on my modded account :\

My biggest question is. Why does the background look like halo 4?

Did I miss something 0.o

Maybe that’s why I got banned?

PS: Went to hit reply, accidentally thanked. IGNORE THAT.

Oh lord a wet my self a little…i need to know if that is halo 4

That background looks like ure in the beta if so why YOU NO SHARE!!!

Never >:)

It’s definitely Halo 4.


Edit: Got beat to it damn it!

What’s the reason you got banned for? I’d like to know if you are willing to share :smile:

Edit: Looks like Halo 4 in the BG.

Because you have to sign a NDA contract to play it. Which means if you leak anything and they trace it back to you, you can get sued.

Except if CLK hacked it and didn’t sign a NDA contract… :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno. Went on yesterday, got a console ban. Unbanned myself, and my profile was banned. My “Microsoft Admin” account wasn’t banned though. Neither was “Nazi Jew”.

Its ok i just got Halo 4 but also got banned

Soo, how is Halo 4 :stuck_out_tongue: .

I see well it doesnt matter RELEASE in diamond i dont care if i get banend or were jsut RELEASE.

Yeah, I think I heard of someone else getting banned… Maybe it was Gabe, not sure though.