Batch Gamertag Checker

So with all these gamertag lists floating around I though I’d create a little checker. Simply create a list with each gamertag on a seperate line and drag it onto the exe. It’ll create a gamertag_log.txt file with the results.

Virus scan

Edit: Click “compile.bat” before you run anything!


Source code

//Batch gamertag checker by Oscar
//Use bamcompile or another PHP embedder to create a .exe

//Check the input gt list exists
	echo "Input gamertag list not found!
Drop a .txt file onto this .exe";

echo "Batch gamertag checker by Oscar

//Open log file
$log = fopen("gamertag_log.txt", "w+");

//Get the gamertag file
$gts = file($_SERVER['argv'][1]);

foreach($gts as $i => $line){
	//Remove bad stuff
	$line = ereg_replace("[^A-Za-z0-9 _]", "", $line);
	//Check gt
	$out = $line." - ".(strlen(getPage($line))."
" == 460 ? "Available!" : "Taken");
	//Output to console
	echo $out."
	//Write to log
	fwrite($log, $out.base64_decode("DQo="));

//Close the file

//Download a page from the API
function getPage($gamerTag){
	return file_get_contents(''.urlencode($gamerTag));

Nice program!

Didn’t godzcheater say that some of the available actually aren’t because ones that havn’t logged in on LIVE don’t work?

+a lot of them are blacklisted for unknown reasons.

Nice Oscar!

I can see this being used by a lot of people.

That’s mostly 3 letter GT’s and some are taken on Zune so they can’t be used on XBL :confused:

dude nice will definitely give this a shot thanks!

B-e-a-utiful !!!

Very nice Oscar!

Funniest thing is, I was making something very similar to this, and coding it in Batch as well, hah. You beat me to the punch though!

Great job! (Ima work on something different I guess now, A-hole) :smile:

Does Oscar really need a virus scan? I don’t think so lol
I understand why you do though. Thanks for this!

Better safe than sorry :wink:
Just my luck that virus total decides to go snail pace now though :L

None of them worked for me. They were all taken. I did manage to guess and get H3P however.

wow this is really useful, especially cause of x360c’s new thread

Updated to increase speed slightly.

A lot of the 3 character GT’s are blacklisted, it’s best to use this with the lists on here -

Oscar, you seriously have something for everything. :thumbsup:

good job oscar

I Love Your Releases.

Thank You

Iove it, will use it alot.

awesome sauce thanks!!

Adjective list ftw!

I am on XP
When i drag the list into it, it just shows

over and over, not showing the GT, even if the GT isn’t taken, it shows taken.
Anyone else having the problem or know how to fix>?

Exits instantly on W7, tried compatibillity mode and dragging my txt file into the exe also.