BattleBlock Theater

Game Title: BattleBlock Theater

Game ID: 58410A30

Mods Wanted: gems and balls of yarn (both used to buy things in game). This game doesnt have saves so I guess it’s all on the gpd? 58410A30.gpd it has 86 gems and 11 balls of yarn.

Yes pls… add it nao devs.

lol I just got this game and its freaking hilarious! I definitely want some mods for it. :smiley:


i got my gpd if itll help i got 358 gems 54 yarn all triangle heads and all weapons and Im still getting more as im not done with the game yet. if you want with more gems ill upload my updated one but here the 358 gem one: 58410A30.gpd

I’m working on a tool for this game, but it has a surprising amount of security (fun stuff). I guess they learned from everyone hacking Castle Crashers.

Editor is finished:

MediaFire - Space for your documents, photos, videos, and music.

Any more requests?

sweet baby magical jesus unknown, hell yeah.
Is the mod stable? Editor or save?

My request is gimme.

Also, unlocking all heads would be nice. Save us from getting duplicates.

The editor is stable and it edits your profile.

At the moment, it only edits Gems and Yarn. I can look into the unlockables (heads, weapons, etc…) also.

I’d be happy just to have more gems to just buy heads, I haven’t seen any doubles of heads, so honestly I think the tool that does the yarn is pretty baller as is. I finished all the normal levels with A++'s now I’m working on Insane, and I’m just getting tired of getting my ass handed to me on chapter 5

how do I download the editor? Link takes me to a picture. sry for noob question

The editor hasn’t been released it (will be in the next update, most likely tomorrow), just showing you guys what it can do.

i love u unkown <3

cant wait

Lol, unknown has the unholy post number (666).

Oh no! Thats bad! :worried: :stuck_out_tongue:

This game is in the latest update :smile:

Much like castle crashers, how the tool was able to complete insane mode, do you think that you can do that with battleblocks, to avoid the hastle of insane mode and get the trophy just by modding it :o

Dont forget the star head mod either.