Battlefield 4 wemod unlock everything

just bought today and i want to unlock everything i enable it and opened a bronze battlepack and didnt unlock

Battle packs are an online multiplayer feature that are purchasable with real money. Trainers are not intended to be used with online features or multiplayer game modes.

Also, allowing you to cheat something that costs real money is called theft.

“theft” lmaooooo

ok but does the gta mods work for online then

Correct, taking a paid item without paying is called theft. Whether this paid item is physical or digital makes no difference. :slight_smile:

No trainers are ever built to deliberately work online, no matter where on the internet you get them from. Aside from moral reasons, this is also for technical and legal reasons. The game needs to be running from your PC for a trainer to work, whereas online games are running from a server hundreds or thousands of miles away from you.

Thread closed since the purpose of the thread has been answered. :slight_smile: