Battlefield 4

Will this game get a trainer?

im kinda curious but Im dont think it will

They got Battlefield 3 in there and they also got a section of forum to take trainer/tool requests. They got a big list of others games to add as well though so you may be waiting for its release

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I would love it! if it did.

Yes, there will be a tool and Iā€™m currently working on the trainer.

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Thank you for the reply. :slight_smile:

can we get a preview of what mods we will have for bf4? i know it will probally be the same as bf3 but i dont have the game so i cant see what mods are on that

if you find the post for the BF3 trainer you can asee its features

Current cheats are:

Infinite Player & Vehicle Health
Infinite Ammo, Gadgets, and Grenades
No Reload
Speed up/slow down game speed
One shot kill
Save Position & Teleport To Last
Mod Weapon Fire Rate

We will be testing the tool, please let me know if you have any requests.

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No Reload

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No reload is already included with the ammo mods. :slightly_smiling:

i didnt even see it in the list.

Ninja edit :wink: