Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Mod Tool

Game Title: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Game ID: 454108A8

Mods Wanted:

My Stats Editor: The ability to change your K/D Ratio along with other scores would be fantastic, including stars or shots fired. However a limitation would have to be put into place, something to stop people like Xx_L33yt_SnIpEr_xX claiming they are a snipping god because he managed to mod 9999999 Kills with 100% Accuracy from a M95. Considering the kills people achieve on you still count on their profiles, resting your death count to zero would be possible, but silly at the sametime.

XP Modifier: I would fully approve and recommend a limitation of XP force feed into the profile, something that works similar to the Halo Reach credits mod tool. Last thing I want to see is Xx_L33yt_SnIpEr_xX somehow jump to the top of the Leader boards because he took advantage of this mod tool. 10,000 a day or whatever seems wisest to you. This tool would link with the Stats editor, meaning you would have to select which areas the 10,000 came from. Eg: Medic 5000, Vehicle Score: 2500, Recon: 2500 in order for it to take effect.

Pin and Insignia Modifier: Considering this mod tool will only unlock them, the XP that co-aligns with them won’t be. Basically for those of you out there who like to have a complete collection of shiny things and want your possible modded achievements to seem slightly more realistic.

Weapon, Gadget and Specialisations Unlock Tool: People new to this game shouldn’t have to spend 1200 Microsoft points to jump ahead of the pack because they are given crap from the get go, people should be allowed to snag what weapons they can from the start. Why spend your 1200 points on DLC, when Horizon can provide you the weapons and even more for around the same price.

Additional Comments:

I know what I have requested might seem unrealistic or even possible, but it is a tool the community has wanted for some time. It does not affect in-game play considering anyone can get the strongest guns from the start with the DLC, nore would the XP or Stats editor affect the Leader boards due to the limitations intentionally put into place.

I would have provided the files needed for this, but the sticky disappeared so I don’t know which ones to get for you guys. If someone was to post what files I need to take out and how to post’em here, they shall be yours. :3

They are working on one.

i was gonna post the same thing but they are working on a save editor not a online editor so this is a different request :smile:

I don’t think an online editor is possible. You would need a jtag.

Probably but i’m just saying his idea or suggestion is different from what they are working on :wink:

Well if that is the case, I am sorry I posted this topic. I was just hoping for some form of online tool, but never less I shall be thankful for whatever they produce for this game.

Know how hard this would be?

Battlefield is a hard game to mod. If cheater does this he has all the respect in the world from me.

EA coding is hard enough.
Campaign is almost impossible for the devs to code,
do you realize what your asking from them?

This would take months to get it right.

Nicee suggestion, I think they are in the making of one.

I would like this as well, but for the weapons, I unlocked them all and also got all of the SPECACT kits from Dr. Pepper codes and a few I found on the intrewebs :smiley:

Not entirely, some games such as Rainbow Six Vegas, Gears of War 2, and red Faction: Guerrilla store your online data (At least your rank) on your profile, and can be modded without a JTAG.

I don’t know about BC2 though. It could be different, maybe it’s not. I dunno :smile:

Already working on one.

Based upon the replies I have received about my suggestion, I had a choice of two ways I could reply. I could have given up hope, walked away and used whatever tools came out in the future for Horizon or I could take action and respond… Just hope the developers are reading.

Now from what some of you have said, it would take months of coding and personally; I don’t like to think about the developers sitting in front of their monitors hours on end screaming at some complex code because of a mere suggestion by an unknown member.

Ok, let me put this another way… I like using Horizon, but it currently has little to features that appeal to me as of yet. So I am willing to fund towards development for the online tool I suggested, so people like me can get more out of Horizon aside from the Avatar award unlocker and Crackdown mods and thus hopefully creating more sales for the tool. I’m not loaded, so… I don’t know £10 a month enough for the project?

ill take a look at the GPD and try to mod it. can you post your gpd here for me?

Hell of a posting format

Online mods? No. Getting points for unlocks is ridiculously easy. That aside, it is just wrong. If you wanna mod online, we already have Black Ops.

Any mods in BFBC2 would be greatly appreciated.

You forget we have Unknown_v2 on the team.

This is a modding forum. People will figure out how to mod what they want, if you don’t like it, then GTFO.

lol, asking for an infraction are we?

You do know, Horizon didn’t add the limit, Bungie did.