BDO Minimized in system tray And playing another game

looking for some guidance I like to leave my Black Desert Online minimized in the tray for afk activities. But today I find my self wanting to play another game (The Long Dark) while BDO is minimized. I don’t know if I were to use Wemod on TLD, if BDO would detect it. This leading to my question if with BDO running and in the system tray is it ok to use Wemod on a (different game)? BDO running in the background and the long dark running in the foreground with Wemod.

To be safe rather than sorry, you should never use WeMod when you have a game running in the background that may have anti-cheat.

Some anti-cheats read RAM (which is what WeMod uses to modify games) and if it detects any suspicious activity and/or edited data in the RAM, the anti-cheat may flag and you may get banned, even if you’re not using WeMod on the game you have open in the background.

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Thank you that is the same conclusion I came to as well so I chose to just close BDO and play a different game at that time. Thank you for replying hope it helps anyone else looking for a similar question.