Bellwright Cheats and Trainer for Steam

No it is not intended to be used on any multiplayer modes. WeMod is solely for single player.


It’s the Free Crafting button that prevents the kitchen, stoves and farm from working.

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We gonna get an update?

game has been updated probably why they haven’t updated cheats

Please update <3

is there a way to upvote bellwright to get it updated quicker?

U can hit the bell notification about updates for bellwright in wemod app

Good afternoon!
Would love to have this updated! I’ve upvoted and Favorited and all the fun!!! LOL
Please>… <

In the new update “Forestry” dated May 27, the trainer started working, although the game periodically crashes. Don’t forget to update your video card driver.

where did the update go last night it was number 2 now its gone

Not sure why but the game for me is not starting out of wemod since latest Bellwright patch. I am having to manually start game then start we mod

so i saw bellwright on the queue list and it was number 2, I used 100 boosts on it and then hour later my boosts were refunded and its no longer in queue.

May we get an update to this trainer please. Thanks in advance!

This must be a tricky game to work around. I really hope we get an update soon. I really hate playing this game without mods.

Problem when I load up the WeMod it crashes game in like 20 secs just started like 15 mins ago and its frustrating… 6/3/2024 8:20 pm

So this is happening to me too. I’ve tested running the game without Wemod and and runs perfectly fine. Soon as I turn on Wemod, game crashes few seconds later.

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I can confirm the CTD issues when using Wemod. Bellwright is obviously in early release and its bound to cause issues while the game keeps getting patched/fixed etc. However this recent crashes happened after a small tiny hotfix on 01/06/24. Prior to that tiny hotfix I was playing for hours on end without any issues. Now you log in via Wemod and within seconds you CTD. I am hoping the wizards at Wemod can take a look at this for us.

Launching the game without wemod causes no issues whatsoever. I tested this by loading both with and without wemod. Then I tested if it was certain mods, testing one by one, I found that even if you load the game without a single mod activated it CTD within seconds. Something is very wrong when that happens.

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the update disappeared again and boost have been refunded whats going on

Idk… Maybe the patches and hot fixes are so frequent that there is no point to update it everytime, becouse in a week/week and a half it would need to update again and with every next patch/hotfix. I think…

I tried starting the game in steam then pressing play in we mod, but I still have the game crash all the time. My computer is brand-new high-end gaming system that can play any game out there. the game does not crash when I am just playing without me mod engaged so why does it keep crashing with, we mod? Is there anything else I can try? any help would be appriciated.