benQ Drive not reading Discs (spins, buzz noise, stops)

Hi guys, my drive will not read any type of disc. Its spins for a second makes a noise, and stops. I have posted a video here ( Xbox 360 not reading disc (spins, buzz noise, stops) - YouTube ) . I have done a bit of research and it doesn’t seem like it is the open tray problem. Also no errors or anything come up with this it just says open tray. Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks.


I’m not to fancy with Xbox’s, but I’m sure someone will help you.
Also, here’s the video:

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Try to take a Qtip and dip it in rubbing alchol.
After that, try and clean the laser but don’t be to ruff or let it be to wet.

I can’t imagine it’s the laser. Even if the laser is shot it should still try to read the game and spin. I have never seen anything like this before. I will see if I can find anything though.

Thanks travis I really appreciate it. yeah I really don’t think it’s the laser either

Also , I cleaned the laser not to long ago with a qtip and rubbing alcohol.

The only thing I could think of is a motor issue or something like that. Other people have this issue but nobody knows the fix apparently.

Same thing happen to me… I had an old xbox with a spare laser and i switched it out and now it works better.

I’m guessing maybe I’ll have to look into getting a new laser or motor. Any good sites for ordering these ? And is there much to replacing it?

This happened to me on my previous 2 xboxs. One was a BenQ and the other was a Hitachi i believe. On the BenQ i ended up getting a replacement DVD drive and fixing it back up. The Hitachi on the other hand, I ended up just buying a new console. I did the Q tip trick on both and it never worked and i tried spraying compressed air to get the dust out. Still did not work. My theory is that the disk tray that holds the laser itself is not raising up high enough to read the game. I don’t now just a theory. My recommendation to you is to buy a new console. It is a little cheaper than buying a replacement drive and reprogramming it and all that jazz. Try to keep your xbox dust free and remove your games once your done playing them. I now take my games out when im done instead of leaving them in and it has been working for 3 years which is 2 years longer than my previous consoles. Any questions message feel free to message me. - Anthony

Try a pot tweak on the laser, Google it.
But I just bought a new laser on ebay, and installed it. Wasn’t hard at all, and it worked.
No DVD key swapping bull**** either.