Best Budget Gaming Mouse

I am thinking about purchasing a Gaming Mouse and was wondering what you guys would recommend.

Oh and by budget I mean under £50.

I have this mouse and it’s awesome. It’s £55 though

Hands down, the best mouse I’ve ever owned. If I remember it retailed at $60 which is ~£40.
It’s called the Razer Deathadder. I’m not a big fan of Razer to be honest, but when it comes to their Mice and Headsets, I’m all for them. **** their keyboards though, lol. Ducky all the way.

Looks Good, can any settings be customized ?

Most if not all Razer devices can be customized, link above

how about the razer naga I have one and I cant complain about it works well with all my pc games.

Do you not find yourself pressing the wrong buttons on the side? I can understand adding two or three buttons but I can see myself pressing the wrong button more often than not.

For OP, there is a newer version of this mouse (according to Amazon). Costs the same.

You honestly have to get used to it i do find it easier playing battlefield and such with this or planet side as those games use the number key pad a lot. Sometimes I do forget which keys which and die though lol but liek I said it takes time getting used to it. I also play a lot of nether which has a lot of keys that are annoying on keyboard that i binded to my mouse granted i dont have a gaming keyboard just a normal hp keyboard.

Yeah, you can set different profiles for different games.

I would suggest the Death Adder. If you play with a more of palm grip. It’s a great mouse and that much. It comes with two side buttons and has a great feel on your hand. The DPI of the mouse is also really easy to adjust with the Razer software.

POS mouse. I own one and not even a year later the tracking in it started to fail. It was horrible.

Not a newer version. Just a version with an added “sniper” button.

Would buy a Deathadder again. Amazing mouse if you get lucky and it doesn’t break. I had an original Deathadder and I put it through a lot of ****. It held strong until I tried fixing it and broke it.

I’m currently using one of these. It’s a really really nice mouse and I would buy a second one in a heartbeat.

My fav mouse out there. its made out of metal too, you can move parts around to custom fit your hand.

Yes PAV is correct. The Deathadder 2013 is what you would want.