Best ever minecraft world that's available to download

Credits to - RAFIKI

Things that’s in this save:

  • LOL Tower
  • Simba Pixel art
  • Mega Man Pixel art
  • Pyramid
  • Mansion in the Nether
  • a Ranch
  • Diamond Tool Wall
  • Minecart World Tour
  • Minecart Trak to get achievement"On a Rail"

Download - Rafiki’s Minecraft World.rar

Nice work!

But Iccccy’s is better :wink:

Link me to it buddy. :thumbsup:

Dang thats epic.

I dont have an Updated link…

This isnt the best world ever…

Neither is mine…

I have seen one that is unbeatable…

Old Video. Way more creations now :

Im having trouble with the download, is anyone else?

Not the best…

This is the best world that is available to download ATM. There’s no other world that you can download that compares to this world. If u think you have seen a better one to download, u show me vid with links then I might believe u lot.

This is the no.1 world that’s available for us to download and play with.

Currently playing this world and it’s fricking awesome, mad respect for the guy who uploaded his save to share with us all.

Thats because people took the time to build their maps.

Why would you take all of your hard work and give it away?

Just build your maps. Its fun to build. not to wait for a download.

This one is better.

Your not giving them away, your sharing them with others. Why not let others enjoy your creations aswell as you?? You would get mad respect. I’m now a big fan of this dude who is building more improvements to his world and sharing them. He’s getting load of followers now aswell and so he should.

Guess you and the other dudes who are creating awesome maps are just being selfish and keeping them to yourselfs just to show off.

Me personally, I’m waiting till creation mode comes then I’m gonna try and build some awesome maps to share.

How are we being selfish?

Please give me one reason.

If anything your being selfish by saying yours is better than everyone elses.

The reason is stated above but I’ll say it again, your not sharing your maps out for others to download and have fun with.

Unlike RAFIKI who is now a legend in my eyes for sharing his awesome maps with us.

So im selfish because Me and my friends have been building a map since launch…

And we wont release to public?

Oh, so that means everyone has to be shared?

Please tell me where it says must share?


I’m not saying you have too, I’m just saying that IMO you and other peeps who are creating awesome maps are being a bit selfish for not sharing with the rest of us. But anyway, let’s drop this now, I’m tired. Just enjoy RAFIKI’s map that he’s kindly provided for us to download and play with as that’s what this thread was made for. :thumbsup:

A legend for u lol u realize this is a game of block lol

WTF r u on about?

Anyone else from Iccccy’s fan club coming to have there say. :laughing:

This map is not the best to download.

Its really not that great.

just downloded it to give it a try i dont think is that great sure he put a lot of time in it but i prefer mine as i build it best world ever no i dont think so