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Best Gaming PC


I want to buy new gaming PC what I search and found the numbers of best PC for gaming what you guys give me suggestion about which gaming PC I buy for playing games, I’m thinking about to buy Corsair One Compact PC.


“Gaming” is way to unspecific. Also, pre-builts usually suck.


Build your own. You will get more for the money.


^ As Chris said, build your own. You save tons of cash and it pretty easy to do. Even if you dont know.
Its mostly plyg and play now. If you have trouble with something is always a guide online to follow.


I got my SkyTech ArchAngel GTX 1050 Ti Gaming Computer a few weeks ago and it seem pretty good, will run any game I have played so far.


It is a budget build, I won’t get very far. Still better than what I currently have though so there’s that.


Never buy computer form shop. I mean like: MSI, Acer and this type. Go to informatic or special company that is building computers and tell them what do you want in this computer. You will save a lot of money. (I saved 750$)