Best Minecraft Texture Pack

It’s called “Quandary
I love it, and it’s free :smiley:

What is the Quandary texture pack?

The Quandary texture pack for Minecraft is designed to act as a subtle replacement to the original Minecraft textures, whereas other packs such as rhodox’ Painterly Pack are meant as a major overhaul to the game. Quandary, instead, uses the original textures Notch created as a base and adds slightly more fidelity to the terrain, improving the visibility of world blocks. In other words, two players playing on the same server will be able to experience the same “feel” even when one is using the Quandary texture pack and the other is using the default textures.

Please note: Quandary used to feature seasonal effects, but due to the current graphic limitations of the game, seasons have been removed. If the folks at Mojang eventually decide to allow texture artists the opportunity to edit the necessary files, we will again offer seasonal variations to spice up your game.


Reviews Quotes

Love it! […] Many subtle changes while preserving the original atmosphere.

[…] Everything returned to “normal” and I grew complacent and took the beauty for granted. Then… the dreariness befell once more, and I realized – I’d just got taken for an emotional ride that I thoroughly want to enjoy again.
-Mitijea, on seasons using Quandary



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I have been using this for awhile. It is great. This is by far the best texture I have used.

The pigs look rather odd though.

Photorealism 256x256 pack bro.

That does look impressive. A little improvement to make the game look good :smile:

Very Nice Texture i like how the Armor looks :sunglasses:

Been using that texture for a while now, it’s really good.

Trying this and photorealism out now.

Going to try this pack.

Another screenshot of my house in Minecraft.

Jesus Christ, that’s an amazing house! No pun intended

tryin this out today

Looks sexy , ima try it :smile:

Its cool but not updated for 1.6.6 :anguished:

I use Misa’s 64x texture pack, but this looks very nice :smiley: