Best Possible method to Jtag a Phat Xbox 360 <7371?

Hi all,
Recently I repaired an xbox 360 which had rrod and discovered it had the dash 6717.
I then thought considering how rare it was to come across it, to attempt to jtag it for the first time.
However alot of tutorials say different things and just wondering does anyone know of the most effective method which requires least amount of effort.

Is the use of an LPT cable still needed ?
Can I use something called nand x instead ?
Would diodes and resistors still need to be used ?

Open Me

I think its a falcon, cos it has a HDMI

Thanks in advance

The least mount of hassle method would be to send it off for someone else to install the mod chip :smile:

I can’t say much when it comes to modding your console yourself as I have never done it. I have always sent mine off to be done for me. If you find that you are being overwhelmed by different opinions on the matter then I suggest that you find a source that you feel is reliable and stick to their advice only. Otherwise you are bound to encounter situations where one person says this any other person says that!