Best XboxMB/Horizon Black Ops Emblem Contest

Figured a contest of this nature is in order. We’re going to have two parts to this contest, one emblem for XboxMB, and one for Horizon.


  • You may submit one emblem for the XboxMB logo and one for the Horizon logo.
  • You must take a picture of it, don’t post your gamertag alone, it won’t be looked at. (This can be done with a phone or camera, if a video if you are feeling generous.)
  • Please only one post per person and put both your emblems in it…
  • Leave it as your emblem until the contest is over, we may do a tribute video. So post your gamertag along with the pictures of the emblem(s).

[b]Only entries may be posted.

There will be one winner for the XboxMB logo and one for the Horizon logo.[/b]

Here are the logos if you want some inspiration.


[size=35]Winners Get:

Coupon for 3 Months of Diamond for FREE[/size]

Lol first entrys :smiley:
Gamertag TTG Fertz

There’s a Winner :smiley:

There’s mine:


Emblem - Horizon Logo


GamerTag: TwofacedDevil (Damn didn’t read the third rule, already deleted. :S)

Here is mine

omg dude, your so cool

He knows.

Making mine as we speak

Will Change this post to the pictures when they are ready!


Edit: Was banned and reset, so will add them as soon as i can buy all the things needed!





Gamertag: ZeN ReacT

Making mine as soon as i get home


GT: H4x0r is FAMOUS
IMAGE: Comming Soon.


Open Me

GT: Skillify
Images: I made the emblems, just need to take pics soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Making mine now :wink:

May I ask when does the contest end? It isn’t stated and I am banned so I can’t make one. I want to wait until my LIVE expires until I renew on another account and make an emblem.

Horizon logo

Open Me

GT=A Dude 4545v2 or A Dude 4545

I would enter But sadly I’m banned :confused::stuck_out_tongue:

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Xbox MB!! :sunglasses:
here is my newer one!