Better Request System and More Games Support

I love the idea of having all mods and trainers in one place without dealing with alternate sources, but… Because i love the idea i am posting this. The truth is Infinity is too slow on adding new games and the request system does not make sense. I know this is kinda of a “free service” but you cant expect to gather 200k points for each game to be supported when other smaller teams with less resources like mr antifun or cheat happens have trainers for every mayor game that release every week with more cheats. I am still waiting for trainers from older games like altelier the first alchemist, styx darkness shard and the exp multiplier for xenoverse 2. I love infinity interface and idea but if i dont find the trainer for the games i keep buying on steam every week i have to get them from another source. If i have to do this then what is the point of having infinity?

How do you know that mr antifun and others have a smaller team?
Also Infinity is completely free whilst for example cheat happens is not.
From what I know the team here is not very big and some of them are doing all they can to get trainers for the major games. STN released a trainer for Mass effect Andromeda. A game that is not even out yet.
You might think 200k points is too much but think about that all the Devs have a load of ■■■■ to do. And just because a game does not get all the points it needs there may still a trainer come out for it.
Of course its your opinion and everyone has a different one but saying that Cheat happens and Mr antifun which supposedly have a smaller team (Check that again mate) and are aswell as Infinity free (cough) are way better is just out of context.


Well said @N1ceToMeetYou. Also to add CH being paid has full time team to make trainers, I think Wemod doesn’t quite have the resources for that(They still have lives )I could be wrong about part of that)

Also there is only about 4 on this team of developers if I am Correct.

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Yeah it seems only @STN @REPPiN @STiNGERR @unknown_v2 are posting trainer threads on the forum so there are probably just them working on trainers.

The whole point of the current request system is to rank the requests based on demand. They have been raising the wepoint cap since launch to avoid trainers being fully funded faster than they can create them.

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I don’t think we’ve missed AA(A) title since we released Infinity. The request system is so we can see interest in older games. We don’t want to spend the time making a trainer for a game that is 5 years old and only has 3 people interested in it. I also don’t understand how you can say we are too slow. We release most trainers within 3 days of the game launching as long as it is a AA(A) title.

200k points really isn’t that many when you can get 12k/6k points a month by just signing in and using a trainer in Infinity for 10 minutes. That means if 33 people saved all their points for a month and weren’t Pro they could completely fund a game.

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I know the mr antifun community since it was my choice before infinity and only 2 guys work there plus the page moderators. I am not bashing no one this is just a suggestion and i said “free” because obsly pages like these get funds from other sources. Also i completely agree with chris 1 2 3 4 years old games shouldnt be supported only if there is an audience for it but i am talking about games released on these last months. How come other pages release more trainers with more cheats? It keeps me having to get them on other sites. I really infinity but, yeah, it needs more trainers.

The point is that you’d rather use Infinity for the games it supports, and we’re glad you feel that way - that’s our goal. In time, we will be in a position where you will not have to go anywhere else for even the most obscure cheats. For most AAA titles, we are there already :slight_smile:


Yeah that was my hope to have atleast the popular games trainers here. For now since i did a pc format ill wait until infinity gets bigger and redownload it later meanwhile ill have to stick with other sources thanks.

I just realized by closing and deleting his post, people might misunderstand my point so i am restoring his post.

All i’ll say is this, if you want to pick faults in something, you can make even the most awesome things look terrible and if you want to praise something, even feces has a purpose.


I hate to revive this post but like i said, Infinity is a great idea if it beats all other trainers from other pages but is not doing what the Video Ad says or the main page suggests.

Since i made this thread i bough 2 new games, the last one is Nier Automata. The other one doesnt even have cheats available yet… But lets talk about Nier… None of the cheats available work and it should even have more options for RPGrs like exp and money multiplier (2x 3x 4x etc).

What happened to the video Ad claim about updating codes to newer versions? in the main page says and i quoate:

“Game Version Detection
Don’t sweat over the game version, Infinity detects the version and the cheats just work.”

Once again i need to rely on other sources for updated trainers…

I agree with you. Firing up a program just to find out it isn’t working as intented can make you want to abandon it for something more reliable. But hey, Infinity is free, there are no ads and the developers haven’t alienated themselves from the community yet.

Game updates can break trainers. Some times it doesn’t, some times it does. If a trainer is broken, report it in the trainer thread and the dev will try to resolve it.

Like Frank said:

“Game Version Detection
Don’t sweat over the game version, Infinity detects the version and the cheats just work.”

Once again i need to rely on other sources for updated trainers…

We can only offer backwards compatibility. If a new update comes out and no one reports the tool as not working then we don’t know to update it. We realize this is a problem and hope to have this issue fixed in V3. If the creator has 200 games to keep updated there is a possibility it could take him a few weeks to update it. You also have to remember that a lot of these other sites use ads and force subscriptions on their users to use the cheats. We also have only been in the game for about a year where everyone else has several years.

As far as options you are always free to request them by posting in the thread. Rather they are possible is a different matter. Seeing as the only thing we can do is edit memory in real time if there isn’t a value to change then it probably isn’t possible so things like XP multiplier probably aren’t possible.

Last issue is games no being featured that you want. As I stated we try to add all new AA and AAA games but it doesn’t always happen. If a game you want isn’t in Infinity then you will have to vote for it. Assuming it is popular and meets the criteria we will make cheats for it.

Chris best fair response ever. just suggestions :wink: