Bioshock and bioshock 2 saved game editors

Game Title:Bioshock/Bioshock 2

Game ID:545407D8/54540861

Mods Wanted: adam and cash editor

Saves:AutoSave 5_12_2011_16_4_34 / AUTOSAVE 5_12_2011_14_7_7

Additional Comments:link 1 is 0 adam and link 2 is 80 adam for bioshock/link 1 is 0 adam and link 2 is 40 adam for bioshock 2

I would love if this idea went through! Almost disappointed I didn’t think of it before…

Try and use the proper format when making a request :smile:

On topic, i would love to see this. I’m a big bioshock fan and have completed both games on hard difficulty. It would be great to play through without having to worry about cash and adam.

I’m in favour of this.

@TLOR - Indeed but thats Modio not Horizon.

Modio has Bioshock 2 Editor for Adam and Cash

can you still make the editors for horizon?8):thumbsup:

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did the best i could at fixing the proper format and thanks for the reply you saved the thread! :smiley::thumbsup:

Thanks Buddy!

I think Ill give this a try.