Bioshock Infinite - Modded Starter Save

My modified starter save with $32767.
I may update later with more stats modded as well.

Instructions: Swap ID’s. Rehash/resign. Done!




Fast, only just noticed this game has been uploaded :stuck_out_tongue:

Super nice timing dude,thanks…

how did you mod the save? if its something i can do, cuz im already into the game a ways and dont want to restart, can you explain how to mod it myself? also how close to the start is this save?

Thank you :smile:

Will you get banned for doing this? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think he has an RGH/JTAG and has the trainer for this game. Itis campaign so no you won’t get banned. Going to take a video of it later. I have all cheats too

Oh the game is uploaded! Lets download it and play it on my RGH :smiley:

Just tried this and it didn’t work. I rehashed and resigned with correct ID’s…I think the problem lies in the Content Tab. I seam to have a different number the you when it comes to the file EC8DFD9E9_26_0.sav. Not sure why but I can hit continue and it starts me off in the boat before you get the the light house. What could I be doing wrong?

.sav file only will never work.
For the .sav file to work properly the most recent .bkm has to be in same folder.

Try this save,it has 99999 credits and starts right after arriving in cloud city.
Extract the rar file,resign both the .hbk and .sav with your id’s and put them on storage device.
This should work since it worked for me on several storage devices and different profile’s and console’s. :thumbsup:

Starter Save 99999 Money.rar

Thanks I’ll have to try this after I get home from work tomorrow. I wasn’t aware that you had to have both files. I’ll try it tomorrow and let you know if I run into trouble.

This will work,atleast when you use both files and resign them with your profile ID’s.

And trying to find the values in the save file will not work,the saves are encrypted/compressed.

so i swap console id’s on both these save files and rehash/resign on both right?

Thanks OP and dippidip for the effort, sorry may I ask if dippidip bro can help upload one that have 99999 money and 999 lockpick if possible? Thanks.

Looking for max money max picks on hard difficulty

Lock picks would be amazing <3

does anyone by chance have a starter save with about 5 thousand? cause i recently learned on a youtube vid that with 9999 taking anymore money will reset it to 0…

it cant open in horizon how do you extract

thats exactly what i wanna know since the tc’s save is a little better seeing as its not totally maxed out. :confused:

That must of been hell to say the least.