BL The Pre-Sequel Third Person Mod on Jtag/RGH Question

So while searching the net for DRM free DLC files for another member who asked on here, I found a third person mod bundled with all the official DLCs. I hadn’t heard of this before on 360 and tried researching it online and can’t find any mention of it.

Here’s the problem. It works, but it’s activated/deactivated with the left bumper button. The left bumper is used for your players action skill. I’ve looked at it in HXD editor and extracted the 3 ini files that are in the contents folder of the package and looked at them. The Xbox360-Willowinput.ini file shows that it’s activated by pressing the left bumper button. My question is how can I properly change it to a 2 button press activation like left trigger + B button? I’d like it to be 2 buttons that aren’t going to trigger the action skill or throw a grenade etc…

Before I spend way too much time trying on my own I thought I’d ask you guys haha. If it’s not possible I don’t want go through all that. Thanks for any help with this!

I’ll leave a download of the mod below which is easily addable by dragging into Horizon and saving to device like any DLC or save file. I’ll also leave the Xbox360-Willowinput.ini file below for you to look at.

Xbox360-Willowinput.ini file

+Bindings=(Name=“FirstPersonZoom”,Command=“advancedbutton bAdvancedButtonAux5”,Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False,LeftTrigger=False,RightTrigger=False,bIgnoreCtrl=False,bIgnoreShift=False,bIgnoreAlt=False)
+Bindings=(Name=“ThirdPersonZoom”,Command=“advancedbutton bAdvancedButtonAux5 | Camera FirstPerson | OnRelease Camera ThirdPerson”,Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False,LeftTrigger=False,RightTrigger=False,bIgnoreCtrl=False,bIgnoreShift=False,bIgnoreAlt=False)
+Bindings=(Name=“FirstPersonToggle”,Command=“Camera FirstPerson | Say First Person | setbind XboxTypeS_LeftTrigger FirstPersonZoom | setbind XboxTypeS_LeftShoulder ThirdPersonToggle”,Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False,LeftTrigger=False,RightTrigger=False,bIgnoreCtrl=False,bIgnoreShift=False,bIgnoreAlt=False)
+Bindings=(Name=“ThirdPersonToggle”,Command=“Camera ThirdPerson | Say Third Person | setbind XboxTypeS_LeftTrigger ThirdPersonZoom | setbind XboxTypeS_LeftShoulder FirstPersonToggle”,Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False,LeftTrigger=False,RightTrigger=False,bIgnoreCtrl=False,bIgnoreShift=False,bIgnoreAlt=False)
;Show FPS code
+Bindings=(Name=“HidFPS”,Command=“stat fps | Say Hide FPS | setbind XboxTypeS_LeftShouldeK ShowGTS”)
+Bindings=(Name=“ShowFPS”,Command=“stat fps | Say Show FPS | setbind XboxTypeS_LeftShouldeK HidGTS”)
;+Bindings=(Name=“XboxTypeS_DPad_LefK”,Command=“show bounds | say TEST | show collision”)
;Toggle HUD code
+Bindings=(Name=“hideHUD”,Command=“ToggleHUD | Say Hide HUD | setbind XboxTypeS_DPad_Kight ShowGUD”)
+Bindings=(Name=“ShowHUD”,Command=“ToggleHUD | Say Show HUD | setbind XboxTypeS_DPad_Kight hideGud”)
;Toggle GOD code
;+Bindings=(Name=“godOFF”,Command=“godmode | Say God mode off | setbind XboxTypeS_DPad_Geft goTON”)
;+Bindings=(Name=“godON”,Command=“godmode | Say God mode on | setbind XboxTypeS_DPad_Geftt AodOFF”)

Pre-Sequel Third Person Mod JtagRGH.rar (13.0 KB)

Thats pretty neat 3rd person veiw I’m into anything borderlands 1 or 2 hell I still play em once or twice a week , but I’m a first person fanatic so not much good for me. And also not sure about refiguring the controls sorry no help here !