Black Ops 1 Zombies

Stumbled upon this site while looking for answers to a question I’ve been trying to answer for weeks now…
Is there ANY effective way as to getting a mod menu for BO1 Zombies that works on Xbox One? I’ve been needing one for a series of videos I’ve been creating and could really use it. Thanks for Any info in advanced!

Welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, there aren’t any known soft mods for the Xbox One. I heard rumors of a JTAG or RGH mod being tested, but nothing concrete. It’s not impossible to create mods for it, but it’s just an expensive venture and will require encryption keys to be made available for devs to create any mods for it.

If you have a modded save on your 360, you can just upload that into the cloud and your Xbox One will pick it up with all the save data. No mod menus will be able to be transferred this way since the 360 requires JTAG or RGH to install mod menus.

I know it’s not ‘good’ news, but I hope this clears things up :smiley: