Black ops 3 God accounts

So i’ve been seeing people talk about these “God Accounts” that apparently have everything unlocked, dark matter camo along with hero unlocks etc. Wondered if anyone know more about these, how to obtain one of these accounts & all that. Thanks!


I have god mode classes on MW3 for two accounts and both had to be done via recovery. I would assume it works the same way.

TTG/S7 are good places to look for services like that, but you may have to pay for it.

It doesn’t sound like a bad idea either & wouldn’t mind try/paying etc but so far i’ve only seen it being done for PS4. Sadly i don’t own the game on PS4, only xbox one.

I doubt that would work unless you can transfer black ops 3 classes from 360>One. Kind of like how you can get a recovery for GTA V for a billion dollars and then transfer the account to One/PS4/PC. I don’t own BOIII nor a current gen console so I’m not sure what’s possible.

Let it out brother

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