Black ops 3

Every time i load up the mod app black ops 3 completely crashes even when i start the game through the app.

Read the trainer specific thread.
Black ops 3 blocked DLL Injection. You have to use an older version that doesn’t block dll Injection.
Until Infinity finds a workaround for the block the BO3 trainer will not work

Ah gotcha sorry about that. Thank you for the help.

when u guys gonna fix it?

Probably never.

It isn’t as simple as just “fixing it”. DLL injection is blocked so there really isn’t anything we can do about it.

We’re looking into it. It doesn’t seem like they’re blocking DLL injection, but it doesn’t like something Infinity is doing.

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It’s a bugged out game to begin with any alt+tabing makes my game crash so hard so I cant blame you guys if you drop it the fact that you are trying proves you are all the best!

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How do I download an older version. I’ve got the newest?

Try this. I havent tried it myself bc i just dont have the time, but i hope it works bc i wanna do offline zombies with fun cheats with the mod maps I got but I CANT BC TEH ANTICHEAT AAAA

dos it works?