Black Ops : Leaderboards Modded

Guys I am pretty sure no one has posted before about this but I have been seeing a lot of people being upset about Call Of Duty : Black Ops modding and mostly they don’t want the leaderboards modded. Well just to let you know, you can’t do anything to stop it. It will happen but I am here to cheer you up and make a solid STATEMENT about this.
Even if we didn’t modify the leaderboards, you still wouldn’t be at the top.
Think about all the boosters there are gonna be. You’ve seen them in Cod 4, Cod WaW, and Mw2. Nothing has changed your gonna see them in Black Ops.
So no matter how much we (as in we I mean us modders) so called f*ck up the leaderboards just keep in mind. If we didn’t do it you would see some internet nerds(as Vaughn says) on top of the leaderboards with there boosted stats.

You have no chance both ways

Like LE2 Chris4Eyez

Like elmo from W@W. he was on top for a while
yeah almost all of the LE2’s were booster’s at the top of the leaderboards for Mw2

lol i could get to the top legit, alot of the people at the top wasn’t boosters like yardyrob or the 5k1 clan. and besides they wont be modded anyway, treyarch will just reset modded stats.

So did Infinity ward… for 2 days

treyarch have become like bungie, they will reset anybody that mods rank.

Yeah they seem like they have put a lot more work into helping the community

yardy rob had a few people playing on his account if he wasnt on it and he did boost sometimes i used to play with him on headquaters dont get me wrong he is good at the game but it wasnt all just him :smile: and i dont know about 5K1 ive played against them but i dont know if they boost :smile:

Yeah but there is a difference between Treyarch and InfinityWard. Treyarch actually listens to their community. I know not in all elements they do but they listen way more than InfinityWard does. The people at InfinityWard are mentally challenged in many ways unlike Treyarch.

In World at War Treyarch released at least 6 patches to stop things that possibly ruined the game. How much did InfinityWard do in Modern Warfare 2, maybe one…Maybe…

Yes treyarch does listen more to there community and InfinityWard Released a lot of patches because they f*cked up mw2 badly.

i hate modders now lol jk
i am not buying black ops tho

and why is this?

y is what
i am not buying black ops because its gunna be another epic fail
and i was jokeing about hateing modders

yeah its bull**** all of these mods and boosters!

Actually it’s not “Just another epic fail”. The people at Treyarch have worked hard on this game and tried to protect it the best they can. I have the game myself and I can say this, It’s a game that you won’t get bored of in the first 30 min you play it. I can guarantee that this game won’t be played for mins a day it will played Hours and hours a day,
The zombies add a whole new thing to CoD. When treyarch came up with idea they struck gold. If multiplayer won’t amuse you zombies will. : )

Blah I don’t even care about leader boards. All leader boards prove is who spends too much time with this game and who doesn’t. As long as I’m having fun I don’t care :smiley:

Exactly, thats whats the game is made for(except for the MLG/GB players). It’s made to have fun not to live your life on.

Yeah I know. GB = No Life/ Camper

Not all the time some actually do it for money

Nice post in my opinion who cares about leaderboards it’s about skill