Black ops Modded Gpd


[details=Open Me]- Back Button -

(Enables these mods for everybody)

  • Super Sprint/Walking
  • Long Ranger Knifing
  • Disable M16 & G11 Burst
  • Chest Does Not Move
  • Unlimited Clip Size (Unlimited Ammo When Max Ammo Is Received)
  • Unlimited Sprint
  • Far Away Reviving
  • Zombies Float To Ceiling When Killed (Low Phys Gravity)

( Enabled Just For Host/GPD User)

  • God Mode
  • Pro-Mod
  • Wall-Hack
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Give Ammo
  • Changes Timescale To Default “1”

( The Following Are Only For Host/GPD User)


  • Fast Restart


  • Gives you a Upgraded Thunder Gun, or a Upgraded Freeze Gun, depending what map you are on.


  • Drops the current weapon you are holding.

DPAD Right

  • No Clip

Start Button

  • Sets Timescale to “2” (Double Speed)[/details]

Download Link

Open Me


Sounds interesting. How do I actually use this? Do I use this online or off?

mmm, I might look at this


Just drag it into horizon and replace it with your GPD but idk if you gotta delete the Update go offline or what he didnt state it

Delete the update

If you have to delete the Update. How do you go online? Cause when you delete the Update, You have to be signed out of live/ Disconnected from the internet. Cause if you try staying online, and delete the Update when you load BO if makes you download it, if you choose no Don’t install, then you’ll be signed out of live

All this is, is the old Zombie GPD mods from when the game first came out and they patched it.

You can only do this offline.

It’s a modded zombie gpd. from 2 yrs back.[details=Open Me]Modded Black Ops Zombie GPD[/details]

incorrect there are methods to do this online

would you do it then.

Text Tutorial:

Step 1: Download the files above.

Step 2: Open up Horizon, and change the ID’s on the offline profile that I have provided, to your ID’s.

Step 3: Save, rehash, and resign the offline profile.

Step 4: Open up the savegame.svg that I have provided in Horizon.

Step 5: Change the ID’s on the savegame.svg, to your ID’s.

Step 6: Save, rehash, and resign the savegame.svg.

Step 7: Inject both the offline profile, and the modded savegame.svg into your USB flash drive.

Step 8: Load up Black Ops.

Step 9: Plug your USB flash drive into your Xbox 360 console.

Step 10: Select the USB flash drive as the storage device.

Step 11: Go to campaign, and press resume.

Step 12: Once the campaign game has loaded up, get a secondary controller, and sign into the offline account.

Step 13: Click the back button on your main controller, and then leave the game.

Step 14: Sign out of the offline account, on your secondary controller.

Step 15: Start up a solo zombie game on your main controller.

Step 16: Once the game has started, click the back button, and then quit.

Step 17: Un-plug the USB flash drive from your Xbox 360 console.

Step 18: Plug the USB flash drive back into your computer.

Step 19: Re-inject the offline profile into your USB flash drive.

Step 20: Unplug the USB flash drive from your computer, and re-plug it into your Xbox 360 console.

Step 21: Host an online zombie game (this works without being host, and in public zombie matches).

Step 22: Once the zombie game loads, grab your secondary controller, and sign into the offline profile.