Black Ops XP Chart

The following link is a chart with the xp required for each level, and percentages telling you how far you are along with your prestige.
YouTube - Call of Duty Black Ops XP Experience Table

looks good nice job!

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Nice post thanks!

I went from 45 to prestige in one night, now I know that that is the same as going from 1 to 27 in one night, lol.

Thats 6 straight hours of gameplay.
I know that because I tested it when the game came out, and no im not a noob.

It only took me 11 hours to prestige.

wow that is really useful, can you post the images here so we can save them?

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Here is the first pic

Not bad!

Although, I mean you do have a progress bar to tell you how far till your next rank, but ye, not a bad post at all.

wow thats awesome thank you

makes things a lot easier :smiley: