Blitzkrieg 3 going offline

Ohhh the game used to be always online, now they’re updating it and its going offline! meaning that its not server based anymore. Here’s hoping we get a trainer for it now! :smiley:


Been waiting for years for this, then finally offline mode came out yeah!! Hoping they can prepare trainer fast as possible.


please now the trainer is posible! can do it for us!? god mod, infinite call points, no fog of war?

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to day the game is no more online, all servers is shutdown and the game all offline now! the trainer is posible now to help us un this **** of very hard game missions! please do it for us!?

God mod, no fog, Infinite call points, multiply or increase the value of xp by missions!?

Waiting for an Trainer too !

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Biggest + ever for trainer!!! :slight_smile: :blush:

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Why doesn’t anyone have the courage to create a cheat for this damn game, it’s not full online anymore! why do they refuse to make a trainer for this game? Now the game is no longer required to always remain online! There are no more excuses for not creating a trainer, why are you shying away from doing it? I just want to ■■■■ this shitty campaign with bizarre difficulty! Just give me the tool to crush the AI in the game’s campaign!



Blitzkrieg 3 is going offline! We present you the new offline Blitzkrieg 3 build, which will let you enjoy tactical battles of this WWII strategy without having to be connected to the internet. The offline version has all the features, content, and your saved progress from the online version – except, of course, the PvP online mode. However, should you choose to compete, Boris will still be happy to assist you in a friendly duel, opposing his AI skills against yours.

After you download the latest update, you will have two options at the start of the game – to play the original Blitzkrieg 3 or to play the offline version. Please be aware, that in order to transfer your current progress to the offline version, you have to upload the patch and to run this mode, while the online Blitzkrieg 3 is still available. The servers for Blitzkrieg 3 are planned to be shut down on December 14th 2023, at 10:00AM (GMT) the online servers for Blitzkrieg 3 will be shut down.

We hope that you enjoy playing Blitzkrieg 3 offline and wish you splendid victories!

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The game become offline mode for more than a year, will there any mod for this :<<<<<