Blockade 3d classic hack?

i want hacks for blockade classic 3d like gd 1000 coins and level and aimbot no damage unlimited ammo and clip super fast rate of fire like max for every weapon type
i would love for it to be added thats my childhood!

Aimbot ? We dont makes cheats for that , that’s usually used online
Trainers are made by voting and popularity if it’s an oldie chances are pretty slim unless a lot of people vote for it
Hacks are for online. We make trainers for singleplayer use
Ya just looked that’s an online/ pvp game so will never have any cheats from here
Sorry about that. Singleplayer only

As Ptondo said above. We make trainers. Not hacks.

Trainers are for single-player offline games. These are legal.

Hacks are for online multiplayer games. Hacking into server-sided multiplayer games is unlawful. People who provide these are always sued.

In other words, your suggestion is rejected.