BO2 Mod Menu Help Question

i downloaded a bo2 iso on my cp and i used xbox360 iso extract. the bo2 already have a load and stream so im not sure what to do with my tu18 files folder so i just put the folder in my bo2 in my raw folder i just put the dynamic v3 menu in there but do i rename the development_dvars.gsc to _clientids.gsc? i have my bo2 on my cp and im going to get a 2tb usb hdd and do the usb way also do i leave or keep the rest of the dynamic v3 gsc the same i have _rank.gsc, _scorboard.gsc and _shellchock all in the gametype folder and in the mp folder i have evelopment_dvars.gsc and _ambientpackage.gsc i also but the default_mp.xex and the tesseract v2.0 in the the bo2

Do you know what one these are: “.”?

I am really having a hard time digesting the whole post.

i just wanted to know how do i put dynamic v3 bo2 mod menu in bo2 and my bo2 i downloaded already have a load and stream so i just but the tu18 files folder in bo2

you need a Raw folder. and a moddified default_mo.xex to load the mod menu. its for gsc mod menus…

i need a link to a saved game for bo2 mod menu

The only modifications for bo2 on the xbox360 (Or any cods on 360) are through RGH/Jtag. You cannot just use a USB for this game or any other game for their multiplayer section.

Can someone help me with this I have xexmenu but my xbox is not rgh or jtag my gt is Faran786

I have a new YouTube channel need help on private match if u are so king to help my gt is Faran786

If your Xbox isn’t an RGH, JTAG, or dev kit, you can kiss using menus goodbye.