Boosting question

I am looking into boosting Huniepop 2 so it can be added to the que. How do I gain boosts and how can I add them to HuniePop 2 so it can be put on the que?

Check out the support article here: Game Queue & Boosts - WeMod Support.

Boosts can only be added to games that are already in the queue. Since huniepop 2 is not in the queue you will be unable to boost it. Games are placed in the queue by our testing team. As far as boosts you will receive a set amount each month as long as you are Pro.

Ahh alright, thank you both. Hopefully it gets added soon. One more question! The new update lists four games as not compatible, but I just tested one (Resident Evil 2) and it seems to work alright. Is there any way to make them be put in the compatible list again or do I need to do something else?

If it is in the queue then it has been tested by our testing team and we found an issue with it or someone requested an update. If I remember correctly there were several issues with the RE4 cheats making your gun disappear.

i have 2 boost that i got instead of the wemodpoints when wemod 7 came out. How can i use the boost to get breathedge in the queue?
or is that only available for pro users? when thats the case: why can i only become pro with creditcard or paypal, and not other payoptions like applecredit or mobile.
Or is a game only becoming to the queue when a lot of people are notifyd? when thats the case what is than the use of pro?
if it is the case what you say that a pro only can boost games that are in the queue: why are there only 10 games in queue when there are like wemod says thousands of games. what is than the use of becoming pro if my games never made the queue.
sorry for my broken english, im dutch.

Everyone can boost games but only Pro members will earn additional boosts.

The queue is what we are working on next whereas the voting system was just a “here are all of the games go vote” which we didn’t like as it wasn’t transparent. Games in the queue are what is most followed at the time, so if something isn’t there that you want to boost you should follow it.

so if an game isnt popular enough it does not make the queue. if it is in the queue it is where you guys are working on. so what is the boost for? because 10 games in the queue is not much. and it is in the making so why shall i boost it? what is the point of boosting. With the previous voting system, which i liked, is to see on the gametrainerpage that it has points of interest. so i knew when to put points on it. and what to expect to wait. Now nobody sees in how far it is to make it to the queue. And besides checking to follow it i can do nothing about it, even as pro. So a better idea should be that pro members can boost it to the queue. then it would make sence.

Boosting a game moves its position in the queue. Whatever has the most boosts will be worked on next. There are currently 26 games in the queue so I’m not sure where you are seeing 10.

As I stated if a game isn’t in the queue then you should follow it. If it has enough followers it will be added.