Borderlands 1 free steam TO TRY FOR THE WEEKEND. ( thanks Steve wonda )

Well if no one has it yet BORDERLANDS ONE is free for ONE DAY


One day and 19 hours from this post

You sure? I knew it was half price but don’t see it for free. If you have special instructions please let us know.


I couldn’t get the free one from steam to post. Lol

I should of read it more carefully. FREE TO PLAY FOR THE WEEKEND. SORRY. dumb me
Thanks Steve for making me read it again !

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It’s all good man. I’ve played the first Borderlands more than any other game ever so I should really consider not playing it again haha.

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Hahaha honest to God it’s TRUE cant remember how many times I have played it
And also borderlands 2 I LOVE those games. I dont really consider the other bordrelands game even part of those 2 Haha hope the 3 one is as good as the first 2 !