Borderlands 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

never die does not work

bit of an older game but any chances of a increased drop rate cheat, similar to borderlands 3? these legendaries are very elusive

BA tokens is not working.

Both the Increase Eridium and Rapid Fire are hot keyed to F11, so adding Eridium turns rapid fire on and off repeatedly. Also even when you turn off rapid fire, it doesn’t turn off. So I can’t add Eridium unless I want to play with rapid fire because I can’t deactivate it without logging out.

Edit: just an edit to say everything else is working perfectly for Borderlands 2 and to saw thank you for all your hard work and dedication to modding.

hello can you double check the trainer i tried it and cant get passed a level and I tried the health and instant heal did nothing and the ammo kept bugging out and the money and eridium dont seem to work if you could see what is wrong i would greatly appreciate it thank you

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I just wanted to know if you guys could increase the money you get for custom money, I’m trying to get 200 mil but its gonna take a long time because it only adds 5k at a time.

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I have some problems with using that. Trainer stays on “Loading” state and does not want to launch. Also before that problem i had problems with changing skill points, eridium and cash. Can ya’ll update trainer?

Autoclicker + pro subscription will help with that :skull:

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Try running the game first, then pressing the ‘Play’ button. Some games are like that for some reason.

No infinite health WTF I hate this cheat

Never Die is infinite health

I’m running the Steam version and after Alt-Tabbing back to WeMod, I clicked the Play button again.

After that I tried the following and all worked for me:

  • Never Die
  • Custom Money - this appears to max out at $50,000. Selling any items doesn’t increase my cash over $50,000.
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Reloading
  • Player Jump Height - I would set this around 1200-1500 unless I really wanted to go high at the risk of clipping and falling into the death wormhole
  • Player Walk Speed - I would set this around 3 for most stuff, if I really wanted to cross the map change it to 6 -7.

I’d suggest using the phone app to change things once you’ve got it running properly. Sometimes it takes an extra time to click the Play button for it to work.

Good luck

I have a request for a mod to be added for Borderlands 2 (and perhaps BL3 and Prequal if they don’t have it already).

Many years ago when I was doing my first play of BL2 using CheatEngine and Lua scripts, there was one script that made every weapon, item, etc. dropped by an enemy be either purple or orange class. This made it so much more interesting due to the extra stats making for some very interesting combinations. If someone could look into doing that it was out greatly appreciated, as the ■■■■ that’s getting dropped now quite simply sucks.


Edit: If this is the wrong place to send new feature requests, please let me know where to go.

I also cannot get never die to work. I tried several versions from the history list, uninstalled the game and deleted all related files on my PC, re-installed, verified history, etc, etc and nope all works fine except never die.
Evidently this still has not ever been fixed. Oh tried launching the game and overlaying Wemod later and this did not work either, still never die does not work.
As Wemod seems to not ever intend to fix this, the other option as BL2 is on sale right now at Epic is to purchase the game from Epic as I see no player complaints with the epic version.

THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS There is nothing wrong with the trainer, it is usn’s !!!

It took me awhile to figure this one out and hopefully this will help everyone. If you are like myself and love this game and despise the recent two jokes they produced, and if you use every tool you can find especially to eliminate hours and hours of farming, listen up.

Gibbed Save Editor is fine, use it however you wish.
Downloading a Save File from some content creator is not OK. This will cause Never Die to not work. I have no idea what it is or the why, I just know this is the reason myself and some others have had or are having trouble with Never Die.

I just deleted two characters downloaded from a save file produced on YouTube and went back to one of my original self created game saves and all is well, all works as it should and I waded into a pack of Bullymongs took off my shield and let them pound on me, Never Die does work.

Beware save files created by those on YouTube.


For Borderlands 2 on Epic you have the mega xp cheat but it is not on the Steam version. Can this be added to speed up leveling please. All the rest work perfectly but I would love to speed up leveling a new character.

Can it be made to support DLC currencies?