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I have created this thread to share non-modded & modded Borderlands 2 game saves . If you want your save taken down private message me . If you have any problems with the saves contact the submitter !

Modded Saves;

File Name: Badass Gunzerker lvl.500 Borderlands 2
File Submitter: N/A
File Submitted: 10/12/2012
File Description: Doesn’t really have good guns but it’s lvl.500 .

File Name: BxGaming BL2 Save Set v3
File Submitter: klusterfk
File Submitted: 10/21/2012
File Description: Includes ; Level 999 saves (works online & able to join online games) , 999 Backpack Space , Modded Ammo Pools , Semi-Modded guns , Some of my personal modded guns , A few heavily modded guns in the bank , 99,999,999 Seraph Crystals , 99,999,999 Cash , 99,999,999 Eridium , Maxed Skill Trees (All but the “Smaller, Lighter, Faster” skill are maxxed on the Mechromancer
so you can use Infinty pistols/guns) ,

File Name: BxGaming BL2 Legendary & Level Boosting Saves
File Submitter: klusterfk
File Submitted: 10/21/2012
File Description: Legendary & Tiny Tina Boosting Saves:
Legendary Save,Class: Assassin,Level: 150,Items/Guns: 166 (No Doubles)

File Name: Fat Pat 666 & Griffin89 modded level and guns
File Submitter(s): Fat Pat 666 , Griffin89
File Submitted: 10/15/2012
File Description: Includes all Classes . lvl.150 & lvl.100 guns . You will be lvl.150, works online , but that’s up to you.Don’t cry to me if you get banned.Modded ammo,capacity is also modded.Some are modded with ‘The Bee’, Conference call and class mods,modded rocket launchers and more money e$ and crystals all maxed out.

File Name: BL2UFS5.0
File Submitter(s): hegedujd ,Rothchild , Darkerlife
File Submitted: 10/6/2012
File Description: [details=Open Me]COMPLETE HEAD AND SKINS!


All Lv 50 unless noted otherwise

*** - ADDED



Slippery KerBlaster
Severe Shredifier
Razor Hammer Buster (Lv 48 )
Taktikal Madhous!
Deep Verue


Evisceration Thunderball Fists
Unending Infinity
Dastardly Maggie
Loaded Hornet
Baynaneted Gub
***Burning Infinity


Speeedee Badaboom
fwap a Nukem (Lv 49)
Punitory Norfleet
Large Bunny
fidle dee Nukem (Lv 49)
Quik Drawler Badaboom (Lv 48 )
Stocking Bunny
Ruthless Mongol


Restructuring Conference Call
Critical Conference Call
Critical Conference Call (Slag)
Potential Conference Call
Reactive Conference Call
Restructuring Conference Call (Corrosive)
Social Conference Call
Scalable Conference Call (Fire)
Sinewy Flakker
Original Deliverance
Sledge’s Shotgun
***Swiss Deliverance


Bullets Go Fasterifed Slagga
Lucid Hellfire
Liquid Pitchfork
Cutting Slagga
Deft Emperor
Brisk Baby Maker


Venture Longbow
Cohesion Longbow
Barking Volcano
Auditing Invader
Cartel Pitchfork (x2)
Liquid Pitchfork
Razrez White Death
***Gromky White Death
***Skorry White Death (Lv 48 )


The Bee (x2)
Inflammable The Bee
Impaler (x2)
Hide of Terramorphous (x2)
Flame of the Firehawk
The Sham
Inflammable Flame of the Firehawk
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Lv 48 )
Grounded The Bee
The Cradle
***Alkaline The Bee


Blood of Terramorphous
***Vitality Relic (Purple - Max Health 50%)


Lobbed Bonus Package
Homing Caustic Leech
Rolling Thunder
Lobbed Electric Leech
Homing Fire Bee
Sticky Longbow Bonus Package
Homing Electric Leech
Longbow Caustic Leech
Sticky Longbow Fire Leech
Lobbed Breath of Terramorphous (E-Tech)


Legendary Siren Class Mod
Legendary Beserker Class Mod
Legendary Soldier Class Mod
***Legendary Hunter Class Mod
***Legendary Mechromancer Mod