Borderlands 2: Legendary Weapons Spot Thread!


Hey guys, thought this might be a good place to post where you have found some really good weapons. Of course I am talking level 45 & above. As far as colors are concerned MAGENTA, ORANGE, & PEARLESCENT should be the only ones posted.[/size]

Please if possible, post stats & location. If you can provide a screenshot (of the map) of where the weapon was found, that would be nice.

NOTE: Please keep thread as clean as possible, Only weapons and locations. Please provide thanks to the people who contribute.
~Unknown to me at the moment, but if anyone can CONFIRM if there is or isn’t Pearl guns in the game I will change!

Sorry to clutter this thread, but to my knowledge there are no pearlescent guns in Borderlands2

If you all want a good torgue assault rifle thats golden and shoots rockets, which then bursts into child grenades, I would kill MidgeMong a couple times until he drops his KerSplatter, also sells for around 25,000. Good hunting.

My favourite so far.

anyone been lucky enough to get moxxi’s good and bad touch? for those that don’t know if u keep giving moxxi money sometimes she’ll drop one of 2 really badass guns, but its completely random, i’ve given her thousands and never got ****…>.<


And I have a Bad one that’s level 32.

nice! how much money did it take?

BTW the Purple - Magenta - Orange - Teals are rare.

This is my load out.

I honestly love your loadout

Farmed for these ****ers… My loadout at the moment. That shoutgun has me killing Terramorphous in 15-20 seconds :3

Open Me

Open Me

Open Me

Open Me

I basically have the same guns as ^him^.

can you send me your save file please? I cannot get guns like these for the life of me, and i farm for hours

Just thought I’d point out that weapons on this game are random, so one person may find a legendary weapon in one place, but if someone else were to look there, it would more than likely be a different weapon.

i have this weapon i got it on my first attemt at tipping her lol

could u give me them guns plz XLeGaLiZe BuDx

im looking for a purple tediore relic 30/70. if anyone has them ill trade a lot of orange level 50 items for it.

send freind request and lets trade

GT : john mclan

Good hunting.