Borderlands 2 Modded Saves

Borderland 2 Modded Saves

These are gamesaves , so you will need to get your personal save onto a flash drive.
Open it up with usb explorer, and replace it with one of these saves.
– Starter / Trainer - Save Games
Commando Class: (Level 50, Max Money)
solda class.rar

Assasassin Class (Level 50, Max Money)
assasin class.rar

Siren Class (Level 50, Max Money)
siren class.rar

Gunzerker Class (Level 50, Max Money)

NEW Mechromancer Class (Unlimited Eridium, Money etc)

Commando Class Level 50. 200+ Weapons! Max Money, Skills, etc

Credit goes to SavageZombie from xpgamesaves for this.

All Heads and Vehicle Skins:

Ultimate lo0t save: (150 Orange Weapons 850 Purple level 50) by jewdolf1235

  • Save1235.sav
    – Saves Made by Me, Adhension – MODDED
    Level 225 Commando (Orange Weapons, God Mode) Level 97 Weapons

Level 500 Gunzerker (Orange Weapons, God Mode)

Level 1337 Assassin(Orange Weapons)

Credits - Borderlands 2 Mods: Level 50, Max Money, Skill Points(Xbox 360) - YouTube

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these dont even work anymore

What doesn’t work anymore, the links or the saves? This thread is almost a 1.5 years old.
Some of the links are dead but the ones that are still up should work fine for the most part.

the saves keep showing up as invalid or deleted file