Borderlands 2 Weapon Mods +LVL150

Credit to @Fat pat 666 & @griffin89
Fat Pat 666 & Griffin89 modded level and guns.rar
^^ V2 Now includes all Classes. lvl150 guns lvl100
working on getting all classes ammo modded that will b v3.
you will b lvl 150, works online. but thats up to you. don’t cry to me if you get banned.
modded ammo. capacity is modded
some with modded the bee, Conference call and class mods. modded rocket launchers and more
money e$ and crystals all maxed out.

Photos of Guns

if you like my work hit the thanks button----->

i want to download that so badly, ugh, but ima scurred

You cant get banned though can you? Sure its online but its just a savegame mod

Why does all the good s**t get released when I’m offshore?! I gotta wait til the 24th to download all kinds of awesomeness for this game.

Well when it says “Fear - playing Borderlands 2 - Level 150 Gunzerker”… When it only goes to level 50 right now… Then yes there is a chance.

youshouldnt get banned ur lvl 150, with xp of a lvl 50. :smile:

If someone reports you then yes you can but most likely you won’t

I’m just appearing offline, if you think about it, there was a level mod in the first Borderlands and not a single person got banned, so more than likely you’re fine.

could you mod a lvl 50 gun and shield for us?

Now I notice that the items are all lv100. What are the odds of you making a save for each individual character to have those same stats such as ammo and level. Nice work on the save though. Keep it up:thumbsup:

****ing amazing dude. It sucks that I won’t be able to pass on the goods to some of my friends. Maybe you guys can work on modded weapons/shields for level 50 characters. That would be great.

2 Thumbs up though.

if u guys want to boost badass points take the shield off and just shoot the ground with a rocket. lol. or use the siren save and equip the 70% health relic. its the fastest way to boost BA points

I saw that, looks like you’ve totally destroyed the “quickest” method. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do think the most requested thing is the ‘Level 50’ versions but after me just looking very blindly I don’t think that’s easily possible, I could be wrong but what I see is the levels will drop to their maximum value. If I’m wrong, which is highly likely, feel free to correct me.

Looks nice OP

and the lvl 50 versions will be scaled down alot. but lvl 150 is fun with lvl 100 guns noone else can use. so its still damn progress in the right direction.
we have Successfully modded a guns damage and made it go up. and lvl stay the same. but it wasnt enough to post a gun with 600 more damage then normal. but that will b down the line. more testing is required. its not as easy as bl1.
hope you guys like it.

good stuff :smile: Won’t take it online though :stuck_out_tongue:

been online with it for 3 days with no problems

a friend told me he used this, and the badass rank went up a lot, with like 800+ tokens to spend, and now when he goes to play his regular siren or mecha he still has the high stats…i just want to know if it is safe to use this to boost up your stats

First off I want to say Thanks!!! Awesome Job!!! I love it!!!

Second is the answer to a few question I saw. I have been using this for the past 8 hours straight ONLINE!! No issues what so ever. Also yes the boosting does work. You dont have to remove your shield, just shoot the ground with one of the good rocket launchers and it will activate the boosting process. It will complete the challenge for you every time you receive damage and every time you kill something. I did one complete walk through the Caverns and by the time I had killed everything and left I had over 2000 BA Tokens. And Yes once you use one of these character that he has created for you to boost your BA stats it will carry over and work just fine with your normal characters. And they become pretty BA too!!!

Third I do agree that it would be awesome to have some of these weapons with our level 50 characters, however I also understand that something like this takes time and last time I checked you cant rush perfection and your damn close to it now. Also im a firm believer in Beggers cant be choosers and my but sure cant do something like this sooooo…

Also this is just a note… You dont need to use these awesome weapons that have been created to be a Bad Azz. I decided to test and see just how awesome these level 150’s were and I was quite shocked. I used a NO-LEVEL weapon from the beginning of the game and killed Terrormorphous with ONE bullet. So you dont actually need the really powerful weapons.

Once again AWESOME JOB and Thank you very very very much and cant wait to see what you come up with next. Please keep me up to date on your upcoming work.

thanks bro. glad you like it. a quicker method then shooting the ground would be to turn off ur badass points. with Y’'
we have successfully modded lvl 50 guns but we are not ready to release.
basicly letting this save editor die down. tehn we will release. and no sorry i wont dup them.
glad you guys like the save.