Borderlands 2

Got a problem with cheats not working properly

Never die doesnt work

Unlimited ammo doesnt work
No reaload doesnt work

One hit kill doesnt work

Skill points WORKS
Badass tokens do not work

Custom money WORKS
Eridium WORKS

Well I play borderlands probably like couple times a week and I can confirm that that do work. Hasn’t bin an update for what 3 years I know the one never die don’t work all others do
Ammo and no reload work cuz those are the ones I use
Plus there is a borderlands 2 thread already up here !

thank you cause i can berely navigate around these frums. everything is all over the place. but yea hope you guys can fix this problem. thank you :smiley:

Well he basically told you that only the never die cheat doesn’t work.
I doubt the dev will have the time do update that one cheat.
He has a lot to do as is.

yeawell theres a lot of them that dont work for me

What source of the game are you playing? Steam, Cracked, Other?


They all work fine for me and i play it alot
I think the one never die dont only invincible

Don’t use it online?

I dont play online. Im a loner and kinda anti social so yea

for borderlands 2, the badass tokens doesn’t seem to work. I might not have redeemed enough, but i would think 25 or so is enough to trigger it? let me know how to use it if i’m doing it wrong please

Well actually it works once per game and it gives u 100 only. Go in to inventory and go out n should show up. I have had it work only once per game
So i end up using the gpd editor

it doesn’t seem to be working, i’ll just use the editor. also i’ve noticed that trying to add golden keys crashes the game

I have no problems with golden keys i have 350. But not sure why its not working for you

i think this needs an update the trainer dosent turn on

Ain’t been a game update for years. The trainer works fine I use it all the time
Here is the trainer thread

This should be locked. @Chris @Instinct

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ahh ty :slight_smile:

@5k3chie_mic is your game from steam ?
Could be your antivirus
Start the game first, back out to desktop with game running then click play in wemod see if that works

I keep getting an error code of:
Installation has failed
There was an error while installing the application. Check the setup log for more information and contact the author.
I have turned off antivirus and firewall, I have ran it as administrator.
Any tips, tricks or suggestions?
I purchased the game directly from the steam store. It is the handsome collection one if that helps. I didnt see anywhere to disable any updated texturing in my dlc’s
I was able to use Wemod for Borderlands 1 GOTY enhanced with no issues but I am unable to get this one to work at all.

Was just wondering, and I know the last update was over 2 years ago, but is anyone going to advance this trainer? It could definitely use some things, like flying mode and unlimited health for vehicle, etc. etc.