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Borderlands 3 Cheats and Trainer for Epic Games

My game is crashing a ton while using these, ive got health, shield, ammo, grenades, and vehicle boost all tied to one key. turning them on will randomly crash my game at times. i cant get the infinite money to work either for some reason. Just a heads up to help get the trainer running more smoothly.

42 options was crashing my game, but 12 options is working fine

I wrote that as I walked out there door but I’ll be home later to check, I think I could only see the 42 options on my trainer hub. Where did you find the older 12 trainer?

Under history

I love how fast this trainer came out, but I seem to be having issues with the unlimited ammo and grenade cheats. Also, just noticed while I was typing this that the instant skill cooldown cheat doesn’t seem to work. It actually stops me from using my skill completely.

And crashing constantly :frowning:

I was worried as well… so like no recoil works for the physical sight on the weapon however the bullets continue the recoil pattern if that makes sense. Unlimited heal and shield no reload better accuracy unlimited grenades one hit kill and fly mode doesn’t work… Well idk I understand these are for “single player” I want to make it a point to say I’m playing co op with a few of my buddies just campaign…so that’s probably the reason?

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I would imagine that’s why. We dont recommend to use these online and I think that’s what the other people’s problems are too here

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Would I be allowed to post a link to a Trainer that works until WeMod is 100% functional?

Are you guys trying to use this in co-op? Mrantifun and I tested it for several hours without any crashes.

Found the issue. Don’t use unlimited grenades until MAF can update the option. Everything else works fine.


got crashed while using the 41 options in single player, but 12 option one works fine

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Is that using the 12 or 41 option?

Unlimited Eridium and Golden Keys cheat not working?

The golden keys cheat isn’t working

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my game is still crashing without grenade cheats

Golden Keys, money, eridium aint working

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Add Fire rate pls

Go to history and choose the 12 option one. I just used it for the last hour or so without any crashes.

You need at least one gold key first same as borderlands 2

will i get banned if i use this? (not playing with friends)