Borderlands: How To Get Level 69 In 10 Minutes

How to achieve level 60 in 10 Minutes on Boarderlands!

To start of you will need these things:

  • A Level 69 character
  • A Friend
  • Patience
  • Good Timing
  • A Low Level Character

Step 1. Ok now you have everything on the list make your friend create a private match lobby not the actuall game yet but just the pre game lobby.
Step 2. Select your Low level character that you want up to level 69 and press ready.
Step 3. Highlight the “Select Character” option and wait.
Step 4. Now tell your friend to be ready with any character it doesnt matter and highlight “Play Game”.
Step 5. Now tell your friend to press “Play Game” on 3 and on 3 you have to press "Select Character"
Step 6. Count up to 3 slowly if you have done it right you should be in the game and the “Select Character” menu should pop up.
Step 7. Now select your level 69 Character it will say you are that race and that level nothing much will pop up in that game so leave and create your own game and you should get a bunch of skill points and it will say you are that race.

How many tutorials does Se7ensins have that by the end of the day were going to have?

This is something that I found actually, hence the reason I haven’t gave credit to anyone.

If thats the case why did you not start of sharing you actual work rather than c/p stuff without searching if it was done already? Not trying to flame or antagonize just looking for logic

If I had my own work to share that I knew of, I would of posted it. This is one of the few things I’ve found that hasn’t been released before.

  • There is also nothing wrong with my C&P people’s work, I’m giving credit to the original owners, most people don’t even do that right. Of course, it’s not my own work but that’s the reason I gave them credit and not tried to make it my own.

No offense, but I don’t believe you found this method:

YouTube - ‪Borderlands level from 1-61 in seconds‬‏
Borderlands Level Glitch - Se7enSins Forums

You may have written the tutorial, but this method has been around for quite a while, though it’s mostly ignored since people just use Willow Tree or something. Thanks for the tutorial though.

I honestly didn’t know there was something like this was around.

Even though the game is old and alot of people know about, Thanks anyways. i just use modded saves to get my LVL 69.

Why not just use horizons tool? Not understanding why you would spend in an hour when it takes me less then 30 seconds.

Lol? maybe some people dont want to use horizon i know some people who use the site but use in game glitchs> other than modding it.
Theres kinda a big difference.< 3

There is, one takes 10 seconds, and one takes 10 minutes.

Yeah just use Horizon

Or you could just mod it? And take 2 minutes…

Anyone verify…? Wait nevermind video but thanks

Horizons borderlands mod tool is garbage compared to willowtree. Why not use willowtree if you want more mods?:stuck_out_tongue:

Catch me point?

We were simply talking about modding rank. Horizons editor works fine for that.

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