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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Cheats and Trainer for Steam


When at the beginning weapons slot are locked, this unlocks it without you having to progress.


Yes for the weapon slots and it works good had all 4 slots at beginning of the game !


this mod keeps making the game crash! i can take a few steps and boom, it freezes. plz debug! never had this type of fail before using infinity


Hi @STN thanks for the trainer. :+1:
Just want to ask if you could add an option to add more golden keys like in the BL2 trainer.


Max badass token will crash the game. This trainer is great, wish can be fixed. Thx


After the latest update to the trainer only the infinite ammo and no reload works. sometimes on fresh startup you can get badass tokens to work.


There never was an update to this trainer it was made after the game and updates to the game where done !
The game came out 2014 trainer was made 2016


No i did push an update to fix the two misnamed cheats. Something must have broken?. I’ll push another update in a few


@STN well ok I looked through the thread and didn’t see any updates but ok


Yeah, it was this i messaged you yesterday about.
After removing the unnecessary cheats.

Many of the cheats dont work, see the full list in the tester console.


how do I check and the unlimited moonstones doesn’t work. game also crashes when I get into gunfights.


Should normally be able to get Unlimited Moonstone if you click on the cheat then go into the inventory.

But there is some problems atm with the cheat so you have to wait a little bit. The dev is probably gonna update it in no time.


@ptondo Yeah, i removed the two misnamed cheats ( it was impossible to name them correctly and have them still function cause of the way they’re coded). Doing so broke the trainer which i’ll figure out why.


The Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel cheats have been updated!


  • Increase Level cheat added
  • Decrease Level cheat added
  • Max Level cheat added
  • Invisibility cheat added
  • Turn off Invisibility cheat added

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Made a new character and went through all options.
It works for me! Good job man :slight_smile:


Every time I turn on infinite health my game crashes, I verified the game files but they were all good. I would appreciate some guidance on how to fix it if I can from my end.


I have no clue why it’s crashing for you. Do you have other mods installed ? Are you using it online?

The trainer is up to date with game and it is working for others as well as for me so that’s not the issue.


This trainer aint workin for me since it wont stop saying "This is not a valid installation of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel"
Sure its cracked but it has access to steam servers and all my other cracked games worked with it, especially some steam bought games


The folder structure or game exe name is probably different from steam then. Game exe should be in


will you add infinite gold keys like in borderlands 2?