Brawlhalla Fix?

So I’ve tried Infinity for other games(Castle Crashers, The Forest, Dishonored) and they seem to all work.

I’ve tried to run the one for Brawlhalla and noticed the Unlimited Lives keeps turning off when I try toggling it on.
As for Unlimited Score, I have it checked and at the end of the game, it just shows the person who won with 1000 score. I’m not sure what’s the purpose for that there?

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Stn the trainer maker said he probably will not update this game again for a long time since the game dev’s keep updating the game breaking it
See here

Was updated only a month ago and it broke already. See the bottom of the thread for his comment

I Seem to Have A Problem on Brawlhalla everytime i launch it doesn’t work because easy anti cheat how do i fix this problem?