Bukkit server with portal gun mod

Just messing around with a few mods at the mo’ i have the portal gun mod on so we all can spawn portal guns and stuff the thread with all the things you can do is here [V1.7.3] Portal Gun [v5] - Coop Guns, Bacon Gun and SMP!! - Minecraft Forum you can craft everything on that thread, BUT WITH FRIENDS. Soon i will put, Buildercraft, weapons, vehicles, ww2, planes mod on for now just this.

To join you need to put drag the files in this download into your .minecraft located at


If you screw up, its not my fault.

Download: portal mod.rar

Mods on:

Plugins on:
group manager
world edit
world guard


If something went wrong or you need help just reply here.

retrix join

can i join the server? i wanna play with the portal gun mod in smp but i cant figure out how to install it on a server. (and yes i did try my best to go along with ichun’s instructions.) EDIT: nevermind i just realized its not ichuns portal gun mod.

it says the download is invalid

Because this is over 3 years old, that’s why.

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