Bully Scholarship edition game save needed

Hey I already checked the forum for the game saves for Bully Scholarship edition. All the links for rapidshare and megaupload are broken, it says the files have been deleted for breaking policy. Anyways I just need a Bully game save file, not modded or anything. 100% complete would be nice but at least something close to 100%. My son has been playing and he is young and somehow my old saved game got deleted so i need a new one. I appreciate the help if anyone has that. I have spent an hour on google looking for one that worked to no avail. Everyone I find the file was deleted. Thanks! You can email it to EMAIL REMOVED BY MODERATOR if you have one.

Pretty please with sugar on top and some of charlie sheens tiger blood adonis DNA!

Here you are
Bully Scholarship Edition.rar

thank you so much bro

Thanks Dhothar :smile: