Buying Origin games third-party


i know i am late to this party, but being one who was recently stung by this i wanted to share about it… to warn other people.

do NOT buy Origin game keys from ANY third-party retailer.


apparently there was some STEAM scandal some while back when EA Play launched on STEAM. the user could download the game with EA Play active and add the game to their STEAM. then they could right click the game and get the CD key for that game. that CD key could then be activated on Origin as if that person actually owned the game.

in other words… there was an exploit that allowed people to get unlimited Origin game keys that they could turn around and sell.

i don’t know when my games were revoked, but only just recently noticed it when attempting to play SPORE. many of the Origin games i purchased, not all but many, are no longer accessible on my account.

this includes games I purchased from the following…


i checked them all very carefully. i checked every game on my account that was revoked and tracked purchases from the above listed thrid-party retailers.


the people who exploited this are thieves. i hope at least some of them were caught and brought to justice. doubtful that they were, but whatever. if i had it my way, i would totally throw a brick through their window.