App Horizon

C drive vs d drive

how do you enable trainers on a pc that has a c drive and a d drive?
my current c drive doesnt have enough space to DL games to so i DL and install on my D drive but when i use the wemod trainer to use trainers tells me game not installed. how do we find the .exe files on windows 10 to drag the .exe file to the fix window? any help is appreciated.
thank you in advance

Go to file explorer on your Win 10 PC and click on “This PC” on the left or just search for “This PC”. Once you’re there look for your “D” drive where the games are installed and open it to view what’s on it. Find the game’s folder that you would like to add the .exe of to WeMod and open it. Have WeMod open to the point to where you can drag the .exe in and then go ahead and drag the. exe of the game you want to add to WeMod into the window in WeMod where it says “+ Add Custom Installation” after clicking the downwards arrow just to the right of the big “Play” button. I had to do this myself for a few games I have installed on a separate drive so it can be done and will work if done properly.

See how that works out for you and post back with results. Good luck!