Call of duty Black ops Cold war Please read and maybe help

I’m a man with a physical handicap my problem is movements and can’t play the game without infinity health and ammo maybe reload love playing COD games. I buy a new M.2 for the game!

Thanks in advance!

Most single-player games would have mods for it.

I checked about call of duty black ops cold war, and it is currently unsupported due to its being server-sided.

Call of Duty black ops is supported, so is call of duty black ops 2, but not call of duty black ops 3 and cold war.

You can always check the game list to see what games are supported and what aren’t.

I know it isn’t supported ask can anyone make it

no, it cant be done. if it’s client sided, then perhaps, but as it’s server sided, it cant be done.

Cracked version

Yeah, wemod doesnt help with cracked games either. you’re on your own.