Call of Duty: Covert Ops Edition

In collaboration with, vSneakyRaptor…

Open Me

[details=Open Me]Two kids will design the next Call of Duty advertisement layout

Open Me

they have collaborated before and they are back for a second time…

Open Me


Just a little project Luke and I did.

Had fun with this, just like with Jellied waffles :smile:

I swear this place is turning into a gfx site. Good work my friends!

P.S I had some fun with the jellied waffles experience too.

As you can tell, all the gfx I’m using were made by you 2…The Dynamic Duo.

Yeah I bet your breakfast was delicious haha.

You guys should design the site.

I hope you mean a simple web design, and not a fully coded/functioning website.

I mean like tweak a bit of the design

What do you mean, I am confused.

Like replacing the Horizon logo at the top of the page into something you made,etc.

So you want us to redesign HorizonMB?

It’s a good idea.

There’s nothing wrong with the sites design and layout. We could use more active and helpful members, that’s the only issue I see that could use improvement.

Already working on a nice little concept design, Nick will be joining me soon :smile:

That is true, and you’re right there’s nothing wrong with it but it wouldn’t hurt to have the option

**** YEAHHH!!!

Here’s a little sneak peak, and don’t mind the blue, this isn’t even near being done

Sorry for barely showing anything lol