Call of Duty modern warfare 2019

Hi all !

I can’t find another post about that, but i think it’s not possible for the solo game ? :cry:

Btw thx a lot for all the work you did and this crazy app <3

A mod said in a different thread that there are no plans to make a trainer for it currently.
Maybe if it gets voted on they will do it but it might just be that they won’t because of the multiplayer nature of this game

Ok thx.
Yes but BFV got a trainer and it’s the same, you have a solo game too ^^

No its differnt. Then ghost recon break point. Too much online single player need to be online collecting xp is online only for PC players
And so was BFV
No body out there has a trainer cant be made

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To put it simply: Trainers will not work on server-sided games.
See my post here if you need a definition for server-sided: Can we see a atlas trainer :)

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The issue here with single player is that it often utilizes the same anti cheat for the zombies mode and even MP sometimes which could result in bans or use online. We are sorry for the inconvenience but do not plan to make a trainer for the game at this time.